New studio layout

New Year, new studio layout! Since I moved into my studio at Cockpit three years ago I have had the same studio layout. It has been really nice and open plan, however, I realised that I could use my space better. I've never had a normal table which has meant eating lunch on my lap or balanced at my bench! I have now squeezed a small wooden table in and it is great - I can eat lunch looking out at the view and sit there happily designing or working on my laptop. The space is very full of furniture but it works well for making - and whilst not as spacious for open studios, hopefully it will still work! 

Old layout (photographed at open studios):

And again:

Trying to work out the new layout, I have some large pieces of furniture:

The new layout, with the small table under the window:

It's a great spot, I can look out at the trains and rooftops and a big patch of sky:

Thinking ahead to open studios, with this new layout there are some exposed shelves and storage on my big benches:

So I decided to box them in! I cut board and batons, painted it all and screwed them in. Work in progress:

Painted a dark blue it now looks much smarter! I plan to add some vinyl lettering for open studios nearer the time: