May ring in progress

Here are photos showing some of the steps involved in making my May ring...

Starting with a block of woodStarting with a block of wood.

Drilling through the wood to start the shankThe wood is clamped to my bench and I'm drilling through to start the shank - tricky when you don't really have the right tools! 

Made it all the way through the ring

Made it all the way through the ring and then after this I used a piercing saw to get closer to a circle. 

Looking more like a ringThe shank remains a bit wonky but it looks more like a ring.

The ring clamped up whilst glueing laminate to the sidesThe tapered shape of the ring made glueing the laminate a bit of a challenge. I used my studio door wedge to help.

Turquoise laminate glued to the ring Turquoise laminate successfully glued to the wood. Now to drill through and get the circle back and sand the edges neatly.

Doing the inlaid silver dotsInlaid silver dot time.

The silver for the top of the ring The silver for the top of the ring. I wanted it to be tapered to go well with the tapered wood section.

Having drilled all the dots in the silverThe silver with the drill dots and soldered silver wires.

The silver bent into shapeThe silver bent into shape and oxidised.
The finished ringThe finished ring.