Fused glass fun

I had a wonderful time in Broadstairs on a half day fused glass course with friends. I'd never worked with glass before and it was great to have a go with a new material. We tried a few techniques, starting with scoring clear glass and building up to working with colours in both sheet and powder form. We made a few pieces each and left the glass to be fired, collecting it a couple of weeks later. It's amazing to see its transformation, from hard and bitty to soft, solid and melty (for want of a better description). Here are some photos...

It was a beautiful sunny dayLooking out to sea from Broadstairs harbour on a very sunny day

The table scattered with glass and tools as we make Table scattered with glass and works in progress

Me in actionMe (Emily) in action

My first pieces in clear glass with white, dark green and dark blue powdered glass sprinkled on topMy first pieces, 3 clear glass columns with sprinkles of blue and green glass

A glass bauble made with mosaic sized pieces of sheet glassGlass bauble in progress formed with mosaic pieces of glass

Another hanging decoration made in a light green sheet glass scattered with white, dark green and orange glass fragmentsMy third piece, a pale green glass background sprinkled with white, dark green and orange glass.

The kiln the work gets fired in. I opted to get mine fully fused rather than tack fused.The large blue kiln the work gets fired in.

The finished pieces! Two to hang on the wall, three to hang on the Christmas tree in a few months time!The finished pieces.The class was run by Christine Jeffryes and I fully recommend it!