Tints and Pigments

Three years after my first foray into making wall pieces I am back with something new! I spent some time this year thinking about what to make; making card models and experimenting. Early ideas were discarded as too ambitious because I don't have the tools or studio space for large scale woodwork. Instead I concentrated on what I can make and I am really excited about the result! It feels like an interesting extension of my jewellery style and I am brimming with ideas for the next few in the series.

I am delighted to be showing this first piece in the exhibition, Tints and Pigments at jaggedart, Marylebone. The exhibition runs from 12th July until 5th August and it is full of beautiful work. I particularly love the colourful ceramics by Lara Scobie and Maria Wojdat

Here are some photos of the process and finished wall piece:

A photo of the teal and yellow wall pieces against a navy wall

Flyer for the exhibition Tints and Pigments

Initial ideas in card

More ideas in card

Emily holding all the yellow and wood discs in her hand

The top teal arch resting on the bench

Emily holding the wall piece to give a sense of scale