Sewing - following a pattern

Something a little different - I have made my first piece of clothing! I do really enjoy sewing, I'm happy making cushions, simple bags and curtains, however it is always fairly slapdash. I love many of the fabrics at Merchant and Mills and bought a pattern to justify buying the fabric! A year later I finally got down to it. 

My mum is brilliant with a sewing machine and makes her own clothes so I asked for some help. I opened the pattern and it was a really daunting sight - lines all over the place and instructions that I would have missed in my panic. Mum talked me through each step and it was brilliant - I made the top, with only one section needing to be unpicked and redone. I do think that now I could follow a pattern by myself. I need to make the top again shortly so I don't forget though! Here are some photos of the process.

Pattern: The Camber Set
Fabric: Tottorri Cross Navy

(The fabric I used for the second yoke is currently unavailable. I'll update this if it comes back in stock.)

Setting everything out on the dining room table.

Setting everything out on the dining room table.

The pattern cut out and being pinned to the folded fabric.

The pattern, having been cut out, being pinned to the folded fabric. There wasn't quite enough length so we did one of the yokes in a different but similarly weighted fabric.

Doing the darts

Doing the darts.

 Sewing the neck

Sewing the neck. Mum has a lovely digital Bernina sewing machine. I have a Bernina too - a wonderful old metal one which I love but I'll miss all the buttons and options on the modern one!

A recognisable neck in the top!

 A recognisable neck in the top! This was very exciting!

Hand stitching the yoke

 Hand stitching the yoke.

Starting the sleeves Starting the sleeves. It's quite amazing how the flat fabric can be curved to fit in the shoulder.

Pining the sleeve into place is very fiddly.

Pinning the sleeve into place is very fiddly! As is sewing it. I had to un-pick my first attempt but then I got the hang of it.

some very messy stitching on the inside of the sleeve by the armpit. 

Behind the scenes! Some very messy stitching in the armpit section of the sleeve - I did tidy it up but still...!

Emily holding the finished sleeve up to the light. 

I have a sleeve with no rucks or tucks! Success.

Emily modelling the finished top.The finished top! I will definitely do this again. I bought the pattern as it said it was for beginners - but inside the pattern it said advanced beginners which makes more sense! Fingers crossed the fabric washes well so that I can wear it again and again. The sleeves are slightly tight so if we'd thought about it beforehand Mum said we could have adjusted the pattern - maybe next time. A good first attempt.