International makers at MAD About Jewelry

MAD About Jewelry is an international show, it was amazing to be exhibiting next to jewellers from around the world - this year there were 50 jewellers from 20 countries! Here is a small glimpse into some of them:

Miki Asai

Miki Asai - based in Japan and working in eggshell

Tanya Crane

Earrings by Tanya Crane, USA, metal and enamel.

Jeemin Jamie ChungJeemin Jamie Chung, South Korea, metal and paint
Naoko Yoshizawa


Naoko Yoshizawa, based in Singapore, paper and silver
Yoojung KimYoojung Kim, South Korea, semi-precious stones and silver
Youjin UmYoujin Um, South Korea, hand pierced silver
Sophie Terriere, Belgium, leatherSophie Terriere, Belgium and France, leather
Konstanze Prechtl
Konstanze Prechtl, Austria, fabric covered wood
Everett HoffmanEverett Hoffman, USA, metal and gemstones
Mia KwonMia Kwon, based in Berlin, porcelain

Jiska Hartog and Michiel HennemanJiska Hartog and Michiel Henneman, The Netherlands, walnut shells.