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Cornelia Parker at Tate Britain

I managed to get to the Tate Britain to catch the Cornelia Parker exhibition on its final weekend. I'm so glad I did! It was a powerful exhibition full of amazingly executed ideas, stories and processes. As a jeweller working in Formica, sometimes I question the value of my work, but this exhibition challenged and elevated the value of quite ordinary things by the power of the idea or story behind it. It was very inspiring.

A room draped with reams of red paper from the poppy factory

War Room, 2015/2022. Perforated paper negatives left over from production of remembrance poppies.

A close up of the cut out poppiesA pile of silver - engraving scraps collected over many monthsThe Negative of Words, 1996 - a pile of silver - engraving scraps collected over many months.
Flattened silverware, hanging on threadsFlattened silverplate objects, giving dimension again by being hung from string.
Exploding shedThe exploding shed, rehung
Shadows on the gallery wall created by the exploding shedShadows on the gallery wall of the exploding shed.
A toy doll of Oliver Twist, guillotined A toy doll of Oliver Twist, guillotined by the guillotine that was used on Marie Antoinette.
Thirty Pieces of Silver (Exposed) 2015
Flattened musical instrumentsPerpetual Canon, 2004 Squashed brass band instruments hung in a circle with classical music playing in the background.