My jewellery is designed to be treasured and kept for life, highly crafted pieces to be looked after and enjoyed. I use a small amount of material from the building trade; whilst I can work with vintage pieces and offcuts, I need to buy new at times to be able to repeat designs and meet production orders.


Wood – I use walnut (Mansonia altissima) in much of my jewelleryHappily, this species is not listed in the CITES Appendices or on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. Alongside the walnut I also source and use wood offcuts of many different species from makers involved in larger production (furniture).

Laminate – laminate carries a long life expectancy which in turn adds to the longevity of my jewellery.  I use Formica, a supplier committed to an environmental and sustainable agenda across the whole of their business, in addition to a vigorously monitored production process, here in the UK.

Gold and Silver – I use sterling silver (925), 9ct gold and 18ct gold. My supplier has been certified in accordance with the LBMA’s Responsible Gold programme (


My jewellery is made by hand on a one-off or small batch production basis. 

Recycling – wherever possible I recycle and/or reuse all of the materials used in my work.

Glue – I use a two-part epoxy glue. I use it sparingly and choose to use it so that my jewellery will last.

Sanding –I use extractors to collect particles from my production process and I dispose of them, along with all other waste, responsibly.  

Boxes – my jewellery boxes are made from recycled card.

Location – I walk or cycle to my studio at Cockpit Arts, Deptford – a vital social enterprise that has been helping to support and sustain the craft sector since 1986.