The other side

Made London has been and gone, and what an experience it was! Thank you to everyone who came, I had so many great conversations that my voice was going by Sunday – I’m not used to talking so much! I had some great feedback on my work, from the colour, the display, the graphic style, with one visitor describing it enthusiastically as ‘structural yet natural’ which I like and may have to use in the future. A lot of people said it was very different which is a good thing to hear! I had interest from four galleries which is fantastic and I look forward to sharing the work I make for them. Many thanks to all my family and friends who came to support me, I had visitors from Somerset, Wiltshire and Sussex.

One of the best things about being at made London was being an exhibitor alongside so many (160+) others, many of whom are very established (famous?!). I had positive feedback from fellow exhibitors and this was a wonderful endorsement of what I am doing. I especially enjoyed being next to Alice Walton, Elaine Bolt and Mariko Sumioka. Here are some photos of the show:

packed up

stand picnic



stand close up






Basketry by Annemarie O'Sullivan



Justine Allison

And that's it. Thank you Tutton and Young Ltd. for having me!

Next up is Blickfang in Copenhagen and then MADE Brighton. Lots to organise and make!