Sleight of Hand

I thought I'd write a post about my entry for this year's Association for Contemporary Jewellery members exhibition. The theme was Sleight of Hand and after thinking a bit about magic and card tricks I decided I wanted to work on the idea of political spin, namely politicians saying one thing when in reality the situation is very different. This was, I expect, influenced by the fact it was the run up to the General Election when I was making these.  Here are some work in progress photos:







Here are the finished pieces:


The white circles attached to the large grey shape spin - on one side is white laminate and the other is black laminate. This represents the political spin, what the politicians are saying, sometimes deliberately covering the truth and at the very least simplifying very complex situations.  The large grey laminate shape represents the reality, that issues are not black and white but grey and much more complex. For example, the wealth brooch looks at the wealth divide, a small percentage of the population is represented by the 18ct gold pin, all the other pins are silver, many are oxidised and these represent the majority of the population - and they are further away from the politicians too.

The exhibition is currently on at the Brewhouse Burton upon Trent, it then tours to the Scottish Gallery, Edinburgh and Plymouth College of Art College.