MADE London preparations

So set up for MADE London is less than two days away!! How did it get here so quickly?! This blog post shares some of my stand design preparations. Because MADE London is my first big show there have been lots of new experiences for me, from designing postcards and ordering vinyl lettering, to working out my display and how much stock I should have. Some of the decisions don't have right answers as such so it will be a case of trying things out and learning on the job/at the show! 1. Cardboard


2. testing-display


3. Catford


4. painting-steel


6. Chris


5. workbench


7. wood



And that's it for photos! Now it's time to pack up everything ready to set up on Thursday. I'll post photos to social media as I go and then write a blog here after the show. Please do come and say hello if you are visiting this weekend :-)