Exhibition preparation

Time is flying and it will not be long until the opening of my show at Proper Old. I thought I would share some of the behind the scenes activity that has been taking place in preparation.
Firstly, I have got new packaging! When I first started out as a jeweller I used plain green ribbed cardboard boxes. These complimented the work I was making at the time which was inspired by natural forms. I then moved to plain black boxes a few years later (I felt these were more sophisticated!) which I have been using up until earlier this year. With a number of events in the pipeline for 2014 the time had come to invest in some personalised packaging. I have gone for matt grey boxes with my signature in white foil and they feel like a real reflection of my creative style and jewellery.

New jewellery boxes

Secondly, a lot of thought is going into the display at Proper Old. By it's very nature jewellery is often on quite a small scale, so we have been thinking of ways to make a stand out display. Initial ideas included hanging A1 photos in the window, however, a middle of the night brainwave gave me a better idea! I have been making large scale models of some of my jewellery which will be hung in the window. I really like these because they are unique and handmade by me, they will make the exhibition more personal. Hopefully it will look really good!
Making-paper-brooch Hanging-brooch

Nick at Proper Old has been working on the vinyl lettering for the window. I am particularly excited by this and can't wait to see it. We are going for gold to match the existing vinyl lettering.

Next up will be the furniture on which my work will be displayed, props for display and the flyer. More details to follow!