Blickfang Copenhagen

This weekend (15/16 Nov) I was in Copenhagen for my first international show - Blickfang. It was a brilliant experience! Jeanne Marell and I shared a stand and we flew out of London Heathrow at 9am on Friday morning. My husband Chris also came and it was great to have his support and an extra set of hands! On arrival we headed straight to the venue, Øksnehallen, and found our stand. We had considered various options for our display and in the end chose to order some tables and boxes from IKEA Gentofte, we thought they were arriving after 5pm but they turned up within10 minutes of our arrival which couldn't have worked out better! The exhibition opened at 10am on Saturday morning. It was an interesting experience exhibiting in another country - I was really lucky that almost everyone spoke English, so communication wasn't too hard. I got some great feedback, and also missed some as people discussed it in Danish! Sunday was another full day - we didn't have stools so were quite exhausted by the end! In the evenings we went out for lovely dinners and on Monday we had a late flight back so could be tourists for the day. It was a great weekend. Here are a few photos:













So that was Copenhagen, next up MADE BRIGHTON this Thursday! You can find some ticket offers here - do say hello if you are visiting :-)