Beyond Adornment exhibition

The Farnham based Jewellers and Silversmiths Network put out an open call for submissions for an upcoming exhibition and I decided to take part. Their group exhibition is called 'Message - Beyond Adornment' and they have made pieces in response to this theme which are more than just decorative - they express a range of 'messages' that are environmental, social, personal or philosophical. Also on display will be the pieces that the public have submitted to the open call. The open call requested that we design and submit a reversible neckpiece that says 'I Agree' on one side and 'I Disagree' on the other; terminology commonly used in today's world of international social media. This allows the wearer to physically attempt to send a message about whether they want their photo taken or not. Here is my design:



It is made from mirrored acrylic. On the side that says 'I agree' the acrylic is clear and unmarked and you can clearly see your face if you look into it. There is a neat circle of oxidised copper arches that frame your face if you wish. On the 'I disagree' side the arches have been replaced with spiky oxidised copper of different lengths. Numerous small crosses have been scratched into the surface of the acrylic so it is not possible to see a clear image of yourself if you look in.

It will be interesting to see all the other open call submissions not least because the organisers are swapping them at the end! I will be sent someone else's necklace and mine will be given to them. I can't wait to see what I receive!

The exhibition is on at the New Ashgate Gallery from 26th April - 7th June 2014. You can see more images of my necklace here.