An exciting week

The last few days have been full of lovely things. Firstly I found out that I have been selected to exhibit at Blickfang Copenhagen in November. This will be my first international show and I can't wait to see how my work is received by the Danish market, as well as visiting a new city and making new contacts. I am delighted to be sharing a stand with the very talented jeweller, Jeanne Marell. Secondly I have been invited to take part in a winter jewellery showcase at the beautiful Yorkshire Sculpture Park. I was thrilled to receive the unexpected email and I look forward to making work to send. I will be one of 40 jewellers showing work between November 2014 and February 2015.

And finally I am making big steps towards being able to launch an online shop! This is something I have often been asked about and I've always said I am working on it. And now I am and it will be live soon!

I have a lot of work and preparations to do, especially for the autumn/winter season so I will be busy busy busy! It has been an incredible 2014 so far - I think back to some of the goals I set myself for the year and I am working towards achieving a number of them which is very exciting. Thank you very much for your support :-)