MADE London exhibitors

I don't know if my love of all things craft comes from being a maker myself, my upbringing or is just an inherent passion, however one of the things about MADE London I am most excited about is seeing the work of other exhibitors. I have already spent a small fortune in my mind looking at the work on the website before I have had any sales myself! I have been a visitor to lots of craft shows and have a small, growing collection of contemporary craft which I treasure. I thought I would write about some of the craftspeople I am looking forward to seeing. I really like the work of James and Tilla Waters - I own a pot that I bought at Origin a few years ago, I just saw it sitting there and had to have it! It was orange and grey so clearly my love of those two colours has been around awhile.

James and Tilla Waters


I love the work of Elaine Bolt. I love the gentle shiny greens and also the dark matt 'naked' clay pieces, the spoons and the larger vessels.

Elaine Bolt


I am looking forward to seeing Mariko Sumioka's new work. Mariko makes beautiful contemporary jewellery inspired by Japanese architecture -  pieces are made with extraordinary attention to detail.



Another jeweller who's work I really like is Hannah Bedford. Being a fan of dots and multiples I especially like Hannah's granulated collection.



I am also looking forward to seeing the work of Claire Moynihan in person, having seen her amazing work featured on Colossal.

Claire Moynihan


This is just a tiny, tiny selection of makers out of the 100+ exhibitors. There will be so much to see I really recommend a visit! You can get 2for1 tickets here :-)