Katharine Morling at Canary Wharf

Canary Wharf is very much a business district with huge tall glass buildings and I always feel a bit of an alien walking around! However, in the lobby of One Canada Square is an exhibition of sculptural ceramics by Katharine Morling called 'Drawing on Life'. On Tuesday there was an exhibition tour with Katharine and it was a great opportunity to hear her talk about her work. I was especially interested in this because of the Crafts Council's Hothouse programme I am on and the need to be able to talk about my work, so I am keen to hear others tell their story. Katharine was personable, smiley and passionate about her work and it was inspiring listening to her. It was really interesting hearing how Katharine's work changed from more traditional colourful glazed work (which she had become dissatisfied with) to her now very recognisable white porcelain with hand-drawn black lines. She said that there is no great concept behind her work, but that it is an outpouring of her ideas and experiences. One idea often leads to many others and it is a continuous creativity journey. Her work is about her and she draws on her own experience to tell stories and create her work.









It was great to listen to Katharine talk about her work! The exhibition is on until 20th March.