Beyond Adornment - necklace swap

As you might know from previous blog posts, I entered a necklace into an open call for entries for the exhibition 'Message: Beyond Adornment' at New Ashgate Gallery. At the end of the exhibition the submissions for the open call would be swapped and I would be sent someone else's necklace. Now the exhibition has finished I have received a necklace in the post! PoppyPorter2



This necklace is by Poppy Porter and I emailed her to find out more about it. Poppy explained,

"It's made from aluminium that has been custom painted using an airbrush.  It's a paint effect that looks like stone so although it is painted metal it is supposed to look like someone has scratched the words into stone.  The idea being that anything on the internet is pretty much as permanent as being carved in stone. It's a miniaturisation of a test panel I did when I was first learning custom painting. Look on my blog for a picture of the original. The wire it is hung from is one of the original strings off the bass guitar I painted for the exhibition. A bit of upcycling there :)."
When I first opened the envelop and saw the necklace I was intrigued, I didn't know what it was made of and the only thing I recognised was the 'I agree' on one side and the 'I disagree' on the other which had also been on mine. It wasn't until closer inspection that I discovered the words 'Poppy Porter 2014' scratched into the side in very small writing. Finding this was brilliant as it enabled me to find out more about it. It was really interesting to be able to get more information directly from Poppy, without this I wouldn't have understood the thought behind the piece or the materials it was made from. It just goes to show how much value there can be in knowing the story behind an object.
Thank you to Poppy for my new necklace! I wonder who received mine?