My work


I am so excited to share some images from my photoshoot last month, we shot these on the hottest day of the year! I’ll be sharing more over the coming days and weeks. It was such a great experience working with a completely brilliant team ❤️

Stylist and Art Director: Imogen Loveday Brown
Photographer: Neil Watson
Hair and Make-up: Stefi Bazavan
Model: Lily Cotter
Filming: Adam Loveday-Brown
Editing and behind the scenes photography: Chris Blaine


Photoshoot - behind the scenes

After months of dreaming and planning I am so excited to share that last week I had my first photoshoot! I had the most amazing team working to create some absolutely brilliant work. I will share the results very soon, in the mean time here are some behind the scenes photos and sneak peaks all shot by Chris Blaine. 

Full team:

Stylist and Art Director: Imogen Loveday Brown
Photographer: Neil Watson
Hair and Make-up: Stefi Bazavan
Model: Lily Cotter
Filming: Adam Loveday-Brown
Behind the scenes photography: Chris Blaine