February Brooch 2018

February brooch

Oxidised silver, laminate, resin and steel. 65mm x 63mm x 15mm.

Inspiration came from an oil painting called Aspiring Forms by John Wells, 1950. I am really pleased with how this brooch has turned out and it feels like there is lots of potential for future development. The soldering was a challenge with my small gas canister torch but I got there in the end. The laminate sits in grey resin and the first time I did this I poured too much in - by the time I'd placed half the laminate the resin was oozing out! So I took it all out, cut new pieces of laminate and started again. Sometimes you only learn with experience! It was also lovely to look again at this painting by John Wells as it was the basis for one of my GSCE or A-Level projects nearly 20 years ago!