Resin with Kathie Murphy

I have started using a bit of resin in my jewellery and as I hadn’t used it since university (2001-2004!) I decided to go on a course for a bit of a refresher. Kathie Murphy is a resin guru and has been making resin contemporary jewellery for over 25 years, authored at least 3 books and teaches regularly. It was a wonderful three saturdays spent mould making, testing, experimenting and generally getting more confident with the material:

Model making

Preparing models to become silicon moulds.
Pouring silicon.
The excitement of getting our hands on our moulds the following week and seeing if they had worked.
Working with resin – all under control despite many hands, pots and chemicals!
I got this brilliant silicon tiny ice cube tray from Tiger and spent a happy few hours part filling it with resin experiments.
The results!
I see lots of potential for using small amounts of resin in my jewellery. It’s another way of adding permanent colour in to my work and also to be able to make 3 dimensional shapes is very exciting.
Nothing to do with resin, however, Saturday classes at Morley College means an excellent street food market on the Cut. This quiche was so delicious I had to share it!

It was a brilliant course that I would recommend to anyone interested in working with resin. Watch this space for how I incorporate it into my work :-)


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