ACJ Conference

Earlier this month I travelled to Sheffield for the Association for Contemporary Jewellery conference. I’ve been to a few library conferences but never one in the jewellery field so I was really looking forward to seeing what it was like. I had no idea who was going but was relieved to see lots of familiar faces on the first day. There were speakers from around the world talking about their practices, collaborations and the wider jewellery field. Politics, social responsibility, China, and weaponry were key themes – it was very heavy in some places! It was also heavily biased towards art jewellery which was interesting to listen to despite feeling quite removed from my own practice. Here are some images from the weekend:

Delegates in the Atrium participating in Ambiguous Implements an immersive, interactive performance by Rachael Colley & Nuala Clooney.

Zoe Robertson brought Flockomania to the conference and here we are playing with the pieces.
Chris Boland wearing one of Zoe’s pieces whilst talking to Dauvit Alexander.
A pin swap was organised as part of the conference. The theme was Totems for our times. The ACJ Chair Terry Hunt drew my pin, whilst I got Norman Cherry’s!
This is the pin I made, it is reference to the ubiquitous nature of technology in our everyday lives.
The Chair Terry Hunt addressing us at the conference dinner.
The plenary session. We spent a lot of time in this lecture theatre but the photos I took weren’t very interesting so this is it!
The touring exhibition 20:20 Visions came for a brief showing during the conference. It will be heading to Birmingham School of Jewellery next.
I didn’t see much of Sheffield apart from the conference venue and the hotel, but here is a lovely woodpecker and…
Street art by Phlegm – my favourite, so intricate!



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