In conversation at the School of Jewellery

On Thursday I was at the School of Jewellery in Birmingham for the Association for Contemporary Jewellers’ exhibition 20:20 Visions. As part of the celebrations ACJ Chair, Terry Hunt, was in conversation with two of the featured artists, Stephen Bottomley and myself!  It was a pretty nerve-racking and amazing experience all at the same time. The talk was around the theme of ’20’ in keeping with the exhibition, things like, 20 things about your practice, what advice would you give yourself 20 years ago, how has the industry changed, what does the future hold, the role of technology, making by hand and education in your work..?

The School of Jewellery, Birmingham

Colourful lights and pre-talk nerves! The event was sold out and had a waiting list.
Terry Hunt (left), me (centre), Stephen Bottomley (right) Photo by Joanne Haywood
Photo: School of Jewellery
Photo: School of Jewellery
Photo: School of Jewellery
The audience (photo: School of Jewellery)
Wine and cake reception and a look at the exhibition after the talk.
Vittoria Street Gallery earlier that day
20:20 visions exhibition in Vittoria Street Gallery
My necklace on the right
I also squeezed in a visit to Icon Gallery earlier in the day
And an ice-cream too! The sun was shining and I had an hour to wait so I couldn’t resist :o)

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