David Hockney brooch

Brooch: dark purple, yellow, blue and off white laminate, walnut, oxidised silver with a steel pin. 70mm x 60mm x 20mm. This brooch is inspired by the David Hockney painting Winter Timber, (2009). One of my stockists, @Work Gallery in Pimlico, London is having a Hockney themed exhibition which runs alongside the David Hockney retrospective at Tate Britain from 9th February to 29th May 2017.

Botanica (collaboration)

Botanica is a specially created jewellery collection by ceramic installation artist Valeria Nascimento in collaboration with Luke Hope and I. It launched at Collect at the Saatchi Gallery with Jaggedart in February 2017. I made a collection of brooches and necklaces which combined Valeria’s porcelain with walnut and silver, whilst Luke made a beautiful collection of rings with hand carved wooden shanks to support porcelain tops.  These photos are some of the pieces I made.

Crafts Council Directory Sample

The Crafts Council have a new purpose built stand which showcases small samples of work from selected makers on the Crafts Council’s Directory. The aim of the stand is to promote the talent and breadth of crafts represented on the Directory and it debuted at Design Days Dubai in March 2016.  This is the sample I made (walnut, laminate, silver, oxidised silver, 50mmx50mmx10mm) and as the stand is an ongoing marketing initiative my sample will be popping up at all sorts of events in the UK and abroad. (March 2016)

Contemporary Jewelry Exchange 2015

The Contemporary Jewelry Exchange is an art project where artists from all over the world are paired and asked to create a unique piece of contemporary jewellery for each other. I was paired with Robyn Galway from Northern Ireland. Robyn’s jewellery is full of colour and uses different materials which really appeal to me and inspire my work too. Having explored Robyn’s website, and spoken via Skype, I decided to make a piece that combined an element of her work with mine. Robyn made a series of pieces using door knobs and that’s what I chose to incorporate into a brooch for her. The finished piece is made from yellow laminate, walnut, oxidised silver, steel and the wooden door knob fitted in really well. It was a lovely experience to make a piece just for a specific person. (August 2015)

Sleight of Hand

Three brooches which explore political sleight of hand. In politics the subject matter, for example housing, healthcare, wealth or education, is often presented in black and white terms, when in fact it is many shades of grey. Issues are given a political spin, which distracts from larger, complex situations and hidden agendas.

These were made in response to the Association for Contemporary Jewellery’s annual members exhibition, this year on the theme of ‘Sleight of Hand’. The exhibition of selected works will be touring to The Brewhouse, the Scottish Gallery and Plymouth College of Art Gallery between September and December 2015.

(May 2015)

Beyond Adornment

This necklace was made in response to an open call for submissions from the Farnham based Jewellers and Silversmiths Network. The brief was to “design and make a piece of reversible neck-wear that says “I Agree” on one side and “I Disagree” on the other.  This allows the wearer to physically attempt to send a message about whether they want their photo taken or not.” The materials I used were mirrored acrylic, wood, copper, oxidised copper, laminate and cord.

(April 2014)

Vivienne Westwood: fashion icon

From Westwood’s unforgettable orange hair reflected in the choice of colour, to her legendary use of the safety pin referenced in the shape of the laminate and acrylic, these statement jewellery pieces are a bold and quirky testament to an iconic fashion designer. These pieces were made for the Association for Contemporary Jewellery ICONS exhibition. (February 2014)


A group of bottle earrings

Fields of green

A one off collection of pieces which explore the colour green. Plastic bottles, egg cartons and carpet are recycled and given new life as contemporary jewellery. (August 2013)


A piece of jewellery a day

In February 2012 I set myself a challenge to make a piece of jewellery every day for a year. It ended 366 days later in February 2013. There were no limitations on materials I could use, colour or size. I wanted to work quickly and spontaneously building up a new, unique body of work. These are a few examples of the pieces made, you can see the full project here.