Emily’s latest pieces draw on a range of influences, including collaborations, and this year is about new directions. Layered detailing builds further nuance into her work, and gemstones and porcelain appear in combination with her signature materials. After the structure of 2016’s Brooch Project, Emily is enjoying the freedom of choosing new themes, and developing exciting one-off pieces alongside new ranges. Expect exploration of colours and materials.

Push (2016)

2016 saw Emily utilising the broadest range of colour use and techniques yet – encompassing laminate alongside walnut and silver pieces, and experimentation with new materials such as resin. Subtly nuanced monochrome brooches feature alongside colour, layers, and light and dark silver finishes.

Dot (2015)

Emily’s 2015 collection had a graphic, contemporary aesthetic, led by rounded forms and subtle dot detailing. It applied a broader colour range and developed the interplay between laminate, walnut and handmade silver details, creating a range of jewels which have impact at a distance but reveal further secrets under close inspection.

Fold (2014)

The development of Emily’s Fold Collection came from paper models and her quest to find an abstract yet organic form which would add 3-dimensionality to her work. She combined these forms with a more dramatic laminate palette, led by reds and oranges.

Join (2013)

Emily first began working with laminate in September 2013, combining it with oxidised silver and riveted laminate elements. Combining her newly discovered material with blacks, greys, golds and textured elements, these were some of the first pieces she made with Formica.