Tracing Process

Whilst I was at Sheffield Hallam University for the ACJ conference I took a walk around the block for some fresh air and made a great discovery. Unbeknownst to me Yorkshire Artspace was on the corner and Roanna Wells was there with her collaborative exhibition Tracing Process. I first came across Roanna’s work at Art in Action a few years ago and have followed her on Instagram ever since. I really love her work so it was such a wonderful moment to unexpectedly discover the exhibition in the flesh!

Tracing Process (and a reflection selfie).

Visitors were invited to add their own marks to a huge wall piece.
These last purple/pink marks on the bottom right are my contribution.
Make your mark
Spaces Between, watercolour on cartridge, 2016. 18 days of a brush-mark a minute.
A close-up.

It was a highlight of the weekend to get to see this exhibition and pick up another mini watercolour for my wall at home.


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