Made London Canary Wharf

Last month I exhibited at the inaugural Made London Canary Wharf. Held over two weeks, with different exhibitors each week, the show was held in a marquee in Canada Square Gardens. Here are some images of the show:

All set up in Canada Square Garden

I had a lovely 2m x 2m triangle space in the heart of the show.
Because the space was triangular I went back to my lovely older, slimmer display tops as I didn’t want to stick out of the space too much. Instead of white tops, I painted them grey and used dark grey felt to frame the work.
Half way through the week I realised I needed to bring my tables out. I’d had them against the wall and it was really hard to engage with people’s backs as they looked at the work so I wasn’t having very many conversations!
My work also had more of an impact with the three tabletops in a line rather than separately against the back walls. I am always learning!
My view for the week. Quite a different environment to my usual working week and made me very thankful that I am a jeweller. Gone are the days of me working in an office :-)
The publicity for the show was fantastic, with banners all around Canary Wharf, staff in bright blue branded tops handing out fliers and lots of signage. My work was even mentioned in the FT’s how to spend it!
There was also a display in One Canada Square to give people a taste of what they could see at the show…
My jewellery on display.
It was a great week and the show has great potential for future success.

And finally, this is the article that mentioned my work.


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