London Craft Week 2017

Better later than never! London Craft Week ran from 3rd-7th May and I did a whistle-stop tour of four exhibitions including seeing my own work in Jaggedart. This was only a tiny fraction of things happening across London however it always comes around really quickly and then is suddenly over! Anyway, here are the photos:

jaggedart, Marylebone.

My brooches were displayed above the fireplace. I really loved all the white space around them and seeing them as a series, the only issue was some of them were the wrong way around because of brooch pins and how they sat on the nails.
A wider shot of the gallery space – a lovely exhibition.
Next up was Blooming’ Jewels at Contemporary Applied Arts. This exhibition was curated by Corinne Julius who invited 20 jewellers to create new work on a floral theme.
Zoe Arnold’s pendants, a modern day fertility symbol where a highlight
As well as these four brooches by Anna Gordon.
Next was Leah Jensen’s solo show at the New Craftsmen Gallery.
Hours, hours and hours go into these hand carved ceramic vessels.
The surface pattern is informed by points taken from paintings held in The National Gallery.
This shows the process…!
The final stop was seeing Metal Scapes at Studio Fusion Gallery. This was curated by Brian Kennedy and featured the work of Tamar de Vries Winter, Daphne Krinos and Rebecca de Quin. An exploration of groupings and connections, this exhibition focuses as much on the space in-between objects as on the objects themselves. Each artist creates a landscape inhabited by a selection of work, developing dialogues and narratives across 126 centimetres. Personal worlds contained within an intimate space, stories unfolded in a linear way.
It’s really hard to photograph in the glass display cases! I loved the rectangles that Daphne made as part of her landscape.
London Craft Week :-)

It was great to have work in an exhibition as part of London Craft Week and to see some lovely exhibitions x


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