Monthly Archives: November 2015

Made in Clerkenwell Winter 2015

This weekend just gone I took part in Made in Clerkenwell at Craft Central. As a Network Member I pay a small amount to take part in their open studios alongside makers who have their studio spaces in the building. We opened on Thursday evening and ran through to Sunday afternoon. Despite some wet and windy weather I had a great few days.

I made lots of new pieces for the show including these two statement orange necklaces.
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Formica supplies

Up until now I have been using laminate samples to make my jewellery, however, as I work, develop and make more pieces the time has come for me to buy some sheet. Formica comes in sheets over 3 metres by 1 metre (3050x1300x0.7mm) and in over 120 colours – so I really had to think hard about my colour choices as I knew it was going to last me a long time! I have stuck to my signature colours which are bright orange and yellow and added pale grey, dark grey, black, white, teal and red. I usually cut my Formica with a jewellers piercing saw but this time I got some help from my neighbours at the Oak Joinery:

The Formica sheet arrived rolled up in a large box. Here are a pair of my earrings hanging on the side to give a sense of scale!
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