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Hothouse 5

I am absolutely delighted to have been selected for the Crafts Council’s Hothouse scheme!

Hothouse is a professional development programme for emerging makers which runs from February 2015 for six months. It provides group sessions on things like business modelling, market and audience development and financial planning as well as a series of networking events, support from a peer buddy and 1:1 sessions with a mentor from the sector.

There are thirty-nine makers from across the UK taking part from a range of craft disciplines and we are split into 4 regional cohorts, I am part of the South east cohort. These are the other makers in my cohort:

Juliette Bigley (silversmithing, London), Jane Crisp(furniture/product, Ely), Alma Geller (jewellery, London), Beth Lewis-Williams (ceramic lighting, London), Rosalie McMillan (jewellery, London), Annemarie O’Sullivan (basketry, Isfield), Harry Owen (leatherwork, London), Rita Parniczky (textiles, London), Hollie Paxton(jewellery, London), Nadia Ricketts (textiles, London).

You can see images of work by all 39 participants on Pinterest.

I am so excited to be part of this programme and all of its opportunities, to be able to work closely with other makers and to really challenge and push my creative practice. I can’t wait to start!


Silver and pearl inlay

Last weekend I took part in a fantastic course at Morley College – silver and pearl inlay into wood, taught by Sarah King. The first project was to make a pendant, the second a ring and then we could make whatever we wanted. We learnt how to create dots and lines by inlaying round silver wire into ebony, we also learnt how to add pearls. Here are some photos:

These are some of Sarah’s samples and jewellery. They are so tactile and I love the black and white combination.
Me cutting out my pendant shape – it was meant to be a nice abstract shape using some of the forms I already work with, however, it ended up looking like a chicken – and a festive chicken when I added silver dots!
We were working with ebony which is a lovely dark wood – the darkness makes it seem more messy than other woods although it probably isn’t.
Here are some of the pendants the class made.
The second project was a ring and this is what we started with – a chunky block of ebony with a circle cut out. Our first task was to file the circle to fit.
Then we could pierce, file and sand the outside to get the shape we wanted…
Getting there! It’s quite a time consuming process….
Once I was happy with my ring, I add some silver dots and a pearl.
My finished ring.
Some of the rings made by the class.
I also managed to sneak in some earring making!  My festive chicken will forever be a sample piece unless I can cut it into a better shape! If that happens, then he’ll become a brooch ;-)

The course was very good, it is so helpful to be able to learn about suppliers, quantities and techniques, to be shown a process and to be able to ask questions. I will definitely be using some of these techniques in my own work and I need to source some ebony as I love the dark wood and silver combination!



Following my lovely award from madebyhandonline at Made Brighton, my page is ready to share!

Madebyhandonline is a wonderful website full of unique contemporary craft, including ceramics, textiles, glass, paper and much more. I am thrilled to be part of it!

A sneak peak at my page :-)