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The other side

Made London has been and gone, and what an experience it was!

Thank you to everyone who came, I had so many great conversations that my voice was going by Sunday – I’m not used to talking so much! I had some great feedback on my work, from the colour, the display, the graphic style, with one visitor describing it enthusiastically as ‘structural yet natural’ which I like and may have to use in the future. A lot of people said it was very different which is a good thing to hear! I had interest from four galleries which is fantastic and I look forward to sharing the work I make for them. Many thanks to all my family and friends who came to support me, I had visitors from Somerset, Wiltshire and Sussex.

One of the best things about being at made London was being an exhibitor alongside so many (160+) others, many of whom are very established (famous?!). I had positive feedback from fellow exhibitors and this was a wonderful endorsement of what I am doing. I especially enjoyed being next to Alice Walton, Elaine Bolt and Mariko Sumioka. Here are some photos of the show:

packed up
All packed up ready to go and wondering what I have forgotten?!
stand picnic
A picnic at my stand in the midst of setting up.
Deciding what would hang on my wall boxes. I tried to do this at home beforehand but needed to be in the space to really see what I was doing.
My finished stand :-)
stand close up
A close up of the largest table.
My stand was right next to this beautiful window.
The gold wallpaper in the toilets….!
Mariko Sumioka at her stand.
Alice Walton and her lovely ceramics – I now have one of those room hangers in my home :-)
Basketry by Annemarie O'Sullivan
Colourful legs and basketry by Annemarie O’Sullivan
Elaine Bolt – I also might have a new pot or three at home!
Sarah Lindsay jewellery
Justine Allison
Beautiful display by Justine Allison ceramics.

And that’s it. Thank you Tutton and Young Ltd. for having me!

Next up is Blickfang in Copenhagen and then MADE Brighton. Lots to organise and make!

MADE London preparations

So set up for MADE London is less than two days away!! How did it get here so quickly?! This blog post shares some of my stand design preparations. Because MADE London is my first big show there have been lots of new experiences for me, from designing postcards and ordering vinyl lettering, to working out my display and how much stock I should have. Some of the decisions don’t have right answers as such so it will be a case of trying things out and learning on the job/at the show!

1. Cardboard
Initial stand ideas: I saved this cardboard from a furniture delivery, I thought the large sheets could be used for an interesting display. In the end I only used it to plan my stand. I also made a couple of trips to IKEA to look at table legs and finally bought these ones.


2. testing-display
This is me testing out my ideas. I knew I didn’t want a single rectangle shaped table. Height was important, most IKEA legs are too short so that limits the choice, and then I decided at this point that the IKEA legs I had chosen weren’t right. I could picture how I wanted the stand to look and so I decided to make that rather than compromise with things that I wasn’t totally happy with!


3. Catford
This meant a trip to Catford Timber to buy wood to make my own displays…


4. painting-steel
And getting a steelworks company to make the slim metal legs that I had pictured from the beginning. I didn’t get them powder coated so spent some time sanding the rust off, painting an undercoat x2 and top coat x3 (!) but I am really pleased with the result. This is an investment for the future, I will be using these stands for many shows to come!


6. Chris
HUGE, MASSIVE thanks to my lovely husband Chris for spending 5 solid days making the wooden tops for the stands. They are exactly what I imagined and hoped for :-)


5. workbench
Sapele wood on the bench. I chose a dark hard wood for the sides of my display to reflect the dark walnut on the sides of my jewellery.


7. wood
Wood lining up. Luckily we had a dry October so that we could do this outside rather than in!


And here is a sneak peak of the frames and boxes, nearly finished!

And that’s it for photos! Now it’s time to pack up everything ready to set up on Thursday. I’ll post photos to social media as I go and then write a blog here after the show. Please do come and say hello if you are visiting this weekend :-)


MADE London exhibitors

I don’t know if my love of all things craft comes from being a maker myself, my upbringing or is just an inherent passion, however one of the things about MADE London I am most excited about is seeing the work of other exhibitors. I have already spent a small fortune in my mind looking at the work on the website before I have had any sales myself! I have been a visitor to lots of craft shows and have a small, growing collection of contemporary craft which I treasure. I thought I would write about some of the craftspeople I am looking forward to seeing.

I really like the work of James and Tilla Waters – I own a pot that I bought at Origin a few years ago, I just saw it sitting there and had to have it! It was orange and grey so clearly my love of those two colours has been around awhile.

James and Tilla Waters
My James and Tilla Waters pot.


I love the work of Elaine Bolt. I love the gentle shiny greens and also the dark matt ‘naked’ clay pieces, the spoons and the larger vessels.

Elaine Bolt
My two Elaine Bolt pieces.


I am looking forward to seeing Mariko Sumioka’s new work. Mariko makes beautiful contemporary jewellery inspired by Japanese architecture –  pieces are made with extraordinary attention to detail.

Yane & Hako Collage Brooch, photo by James Champion


Another jeweller who’s work I really like is Hannah Bedford. Being a fan of dots and multiples I especially like Hannah’s granulated collection.

Rings by Hannah Bedford


I am also looking forward to seeing the work of Claire Moynihan in person, having seen her amazing work featured on Colossal.

Claire Moynihan
Embroidered 3D Insects and Snails by Claire Moynihan


This is just a tiny, tiny selection of makers out of the 100+ exhibitors. There will be so much to see I really recommend a visit! You can get 2for1 tickets here :-)