Monthly Archives: September 2014

Autumn Preparations

Although I have been a jeweller for 10 years my work has really come together in the last 18 months, and as a result of this things are starting to happen. I have applied for exhibitions and said yes to a lot of things! With 7 shows to prepare for I now understand how the build up to Christmas can be the busiest time for craftspeople! Here are some work in progress photos:

My bench can get pretty messy when I am working away!
A strip of silver sheet which has been textured, fold shapes have been traced and my ‘EK” stamp has been punched. Next step – cut them out.
Fold shapes have been cut out, now for filing, burnishing and folding x 90!
Fold shapes after I have soldered posts on, these then go in the pickle to clean.
I choose to oxidise a lot of my work, this is a chemical process which makes the silver go black.
These shapes have all been cut out of laminate sheet. They will be riveted to silver.
A production line of silver and laminate earrings in progress.
cut outs
Chunky wood and laminate pieces cut out ready for sanding. I like the edges to be smooth and really well finished.

So work is coming along well :-) I still have lots to do, loads more ideas and plans for some different colour combinations, so I had better get back to it!

Makers mark

I recently collected my ‘EK’ punch from the London Assay Office and I have been having fun stamping EK onto new work! My punch was made when I registered my makers mark/hallmark nearly 10 years ago. Up until now it has been stored at the Assay Office, all but forgotten, because whenever I get work hallmarked I opt for a laser mark instead of a struck mark. There is a legal requirement to hallmark precious metal over a certain weight (7.78 grams for silver and 1 gram for gold), however as many of my pieces weigh below this and are often combined with other materials, I don’t get them hallmarked. Now I am using my punch, more work will be identifiable as Emily Kidson pieces :-)

My EK steel punch!


One of my fold forms marked!

Formica in Newcastle

On Monday I went to Newcastle for the day to visit the Formica factory, I use a lot of laminate in my work so I thought it would be good to see how it is made. I was fortunate to be able to join a couple of members of staff from Central Saint Martins who were going for a visit. The Formica Group celebrated their 100 year anniversary last year, they invented laminate and they are the most well known laminate brand to this day so I was particularly excited to be visiting.

It was a fascinating day and everyone I met was friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. Here are some of my photos from the factory tour:

The Formica Factory at North Shields
Great old signage.


Workers manually counting and building up the layers that go into a sheet of laminate.
Nice floor – we had to stay on a red path as we walked around the factory.
An 8000 ton press – one of a number of presses at the factory.
The side of the press
Factory windows
Huge spaces.
Laminate is made from paper and resin – this is the paper.
Huge rolls of coloured paper
Kraft paper