Monthly Archives: February 2014

Working to a theme

I really enjoy creating new work to different themes, it pushes me in unexpected directions and I create work that I would’t otherwise have made. In December The Association for Contemporary Jewellery (ACJ) had a call for entries for their annual exhibition, this year on the theme of ICONS. Since then I have been thinking, drawing and making to that theme! I chose Vivienne Westwood as a fashion icon and made three pieces, a brooch, earrings and a necklace, in response to that. Today was the deadline and I have just submitted my work.

Looking back it is amazing how my ideas developed from initial drawings to finished pieces. As I work the piece can often change direction, a new material could be added, a new shape considered. It can be a very intuitive process. Last Sunday I made the decision to take apart a necklace that I had been working on for three weeks – it felt hard to do but it was the right decision because I just wasn’t happy with the piece, but I couldn’t say that until I had almost finished it! However, it led to me starting again and from that the brooch was created which I am really happy with. Here are some images of my process:


Over the last few weeks I have had many ideas for this project and I could have made a hundred pieces! However with a time limit I had to make decisions and you can see my final three pieces here.